Explanatory notes

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Znacznik Nazwa Pobierz
Part 1
General information
Note 1.1
Corporate information
Note 1.2
Basis of preparation
Note 1.3
Foreign currency transactions and the measurement of items denominated in foreign currencies
Note 1.4
Impact of new and amended standards and interpretations
Part 2
Operating segments
Part 3
Impairment of assets
Part 4
Explanatory notes to the statement of profit or loss
Note 4.1
Expenses by nature
Note 4.2
Other operating income/(costs)
Note 4.3
Finance income/(costs)
Note 4.4
Recognition / reversal of impairment losses on assets recognised in the statement of profit or loss
Part 5
Note 5.1
Income tax in the statement of profit or loss
Note 5.1.1
Deferred income tax
Note 5.2
Other taxes and charges
Note 5.3
Tax assets and liabilities
Part 6
Investments in subsidiaries and joint ventures
Note 6.1
Investments in subsidiaries and joint ventures
Note 6.2
Receivables due to loans granted
Part 7
Financial instruments and financial risk management
Note 7.1
Financial Instruments
Note 7.2
Note 7.3
Other financial instruments measured at fair value
Note 7.4
Other non-current financial instruments measured at amortised cost
Note 7.5
Financial risk management
Note 7.5.1
Market risk
Principles and techniques of market risk management
Commodity risk
Risk of changes in foreign exchange rates
Interest rate risk
Impact of hedge accounting on the financial statements
Note 7.5.2
Credit risk
Credit risk related to cash, cash equivalents and bank deposits
Credit risk related to derivatives transactions
Credit risk related to trade receivables
Credit risk related to other financial assets
Credit risk related to loans granted
Part 8
Borrowings and the management of liquidity and capital
Note 8.1
Capital management policy
Note 8.2
Note 8.2.1
Share capital
Note 8.2.2
Changes of other equity items in the period
Note 8.3
Liquidity management policy
Note 8.3.1
Contractual maturities for financial liabilities
Note 8.4
Note 8.4.1
Net debt
Note 8.4.2
Net debt changes
Note 8.4.3
Detailed information concerning the main sources of borrowings
Note 8.5
Cash and cash equivalents
Note 8.6
Contingent liabilities due to guarantees granted
Part 9
Non-current assets and related liabilities
Note 9.1
Mining and metallurgical property, plant and equipment and intangible assets
Note 9.1.1
Mining and metallurgical property, plant and equipment– fixed assets under construction
Nota 9.1.2
Expenses related to mining and metallurgical assets
Note 9.2
Other property, plant and equipment and intangible assets
Note 9.3
Note 9.4
Provision for decommissioning costs of mines and other facilities
Note 9.5
Capitalised borrowing costs
Part 10
Working capital
Note 10.1
Note 10.2
Trade receivables
Note 10.3
Trade payables
Note 10.4
Changes in working capital
Part 11
Employee benefits
Note 11.1
Employee benefits liabilities
Note 11.2
Changes in liabilities related to future employee benefits programs
Part 12
Other notes
Note 12.1
Related party transactions
Note 12.2
Dividends paid
Note 12.3
Other assets
Note 12.4
Other liabilities
Note 12.5
Assets and liabilities not recognised in the statement of financial position
Note 12.6
Capital commitments related to property, plant and equipment and intangible assets
Note 12.7
The right of perpetual usufruct of land
Note 12.8
Employment structure
Note 12.9
Other adjustments in the statement of cash flows
Note 12.10
Remuneration of key managers
Note 12.11
Remuneration of the entity entitled to audit the financial statements and of entities related to it (in PLN thousands)
Note 12.12
Disclosure of information on the Company’s activities regulated by the Act on Energy
Note 12.12.1
Note 12.12.2
Description of regulated activities
Note 12.12.3
Basic principles of regulatory accounting
Note 12.12.4
Detailed principles of regulatory policy – methods and principles governing the allocation of assets, liabilities, equity, costs and revenues
Note 12.13
Subsequent events after the reporting period
Part 13
Quarterly financial information of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
Note 13.1
Expenses by nature
Note 13.2
Other operating income/(costs)
Note 13.3
Finance income/(costs)

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